Snow Cones – Key West Style

My son, Sam came to visit me in Key West this week. I loved seeing him and it reminded me that he is such an outgoing and happy person. Fun to be around and willing to try new things.

We went to a party in Mallory Square. The square is the center of lots of activities in Old Town Key West. There was live music by the Durt Bags – good rock and roll. There was some fantastic food samples to try and even snow cones.

0111162001a_resizedSam’s snow cone came with an effort. He made it himself. The elaborate machine involved a “hamster wheel” type contraption that was “human sized.” That activated the mechanism to shave the ice. The next step was a pull push devise – once again – no machines here – this loaded the ice in the cup. Then he had to whack a hammer that slammed a wooden hand on the ice to pack it down. After all this he had to use special hand grips to get the syrup to run over the ice. BONUS – syrups included Pina Colada and Margueritas – with the booze!  End result – cool and tasty dessert. Good job Sam. Or should I say, “Sam HAMSTER.”0111162000b_resized


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